I would like to thank Vivian, my wife, who has had to put up with an old crank on days when the words would not come forward. Also my son, Bob, who plans to sell the book on the internet. Also the rest of my family, Nancy, Ginny, Cheryl and Earl, for their frequent "How's the book coming?" nudges. Thanks to niece Bette and nephew Bob Porter, whose names just happen to be the same as two of the characters in the book.

Special thanks to Stephanie Pietrowski, whose computer put it all together, along with her sound advice, such as "Get to the point and don't make it too wordy". Her newspaper background has been most helpful.

This is my fourth book, all written to be read and enjoyed. I know a bit about life in places like the Piney river Club, since I have lived in a similar community for 27 years. Fun, isn't it? I heartily recommend it.

All the best,

James Ray Chapman

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